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Lost and missed: Gonuts Donuts’ absence sparks sentimental Twitter thread

A Twitter user was suddenly enveloped in nostalgia, prompting them to ponder the fate of the once-vibrant local donut enterprise, Gonuts Donuts.

“Out of the blue, a thought struck me: What ever happened to Gonuts Donuts??? I used to adore their shops and donuts, but they just vanished ??,” the user tweeted, sharing a collection of the brand’s most cherished offerings.

The user also delved into the past, shedding light on the brand’s rebranding attempt in 2018. Their digital presence has been conspicuously absent since 2020, as per their account.

Engaging in the conversation, another netizen acknowledged that Gonuts Donuts had been a pioneering force in the realm of local donuts within the Philippines.

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