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Lim-owned Top Line to build 9 new fuel stations in Cebu with P210 million investment

Top Line Business Development Corp. (Topline), owned by the Lim family in Cebu, has invested P210 million in the development of seven new Light Fuels service stations and two Light Fuels Express stations across strategic locations in Cebu.

Erik Lim, chairman, president, and CEO of Topline, emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in the retail fuel market.

“Following the successful inauguration of our inaugural Light Fuels station last year, we are actively expanding to meet the escalating demand in Central Visayas.

The Light Fuels Express format, tailored for motorcycles, scooters, and other light vehicles, is designed for optimal space utilization and rapid service turnover, aiming to cater specifically to the region’s growing number of motorcyclists. These stations will also feature dedicated bays for light four-wheeled vehicles, accommodating private cars, PUVs, SUVs, and sedans, alongside the comprehensive services available at standard Light Fuels stations.

According to recent data from the Land Transportation Office, Topline aims to position itself as a leading player in the market by providing cutting-edge fuel stations to meet the region’s evolving needs.

“Anticipated annual volumes for these nine stations are projected at approximately 12 million to 12.5 million liters. By bolstering the supply of liquid fuel in the market, our objective is to bolster the region’s fuel security, particularly in the face of potential supply disruptions.”

Recognizing that motorcycles constitute a substantial 68 percent of vehicles in Region VII, as per LTO-VII records, Light Fuels Express stations are strategically designed to cater primarily to this demographic, aligning with the region’s transportation preferences.

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