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Laura Verallo de Bertotto: Leading VMV with care and culture

Aside from caring for the skin, VMV Hypoallergenics CEO Laura Verallo de Bertotto believes that nourishing the work culture is also important.

Laura posted a photo of herself, her sister—Dr. CC Verallo Rowell, and her mom, Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell—at a fundraiser for nutrition where the three showcased their culture with their attire.

“Loving the fam love and loving the fierce medical brainiacity and lovin the Filipiniana #mom #sisters #women #filipinas,” she says.

“It’s a privilege to be surrounded by brilliant women, to receive such care, and to work with family,” Laura gushes.

Research, kindness, and doing good helped build VMV.

“None of this happens by accident. The work culture you want is something you nourish,” she quips.

Dr. Vermen, who founded VMV in 1979, was a pioneering researcher in the field of cosmetic and clinical dermatology and has done numerous studies on virgin coconut oil and its application on skin care.

A highlight of the fundraiser was her mom’s presentation of a groundbreaking clinical study involving RNA sequencing and molecular analysis of coconut oil in an anti-inflammatory diet.

“Because anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich, fatty-acid fab coconut is phenomenal for skin, hair, and bodies,” she adds.

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