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King of MNL nightlife: GP Reyes teases feature book for Louie Ysmael

Milyonaryo GP Reyes shared on his social media accounts the soon to be released feature book for the King of Manila Nightlife, Louie Ysmael.

On Facebook, he wrote: “In a little more than two weeks we officially launch this truly sensational piece of hardbound history with a treasure trove of priceless visuals and magnificent storytelling. The life and times of the one and only king of manila nightlife @louieysmael. A tactile trip down memory lane for clubbers from the 60’s to the present day showcasing some of the Philippines most celebrated clubs and bars.”

He added that this coffee table book is a must-have, especially for people who enjoys being in a night out. “This coffee table book is a must have for anyone who ever had a night out in any decade in one of the world’s most exhilarating party capitals. (Yes Manila is exactly that. And for those of you who haven’t been perhaps it’s time to head on over) but to learn about how this all started, get yourself a copy of this book. It truly is a gem of a read.”

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