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Keeping it Simple: Paco Magsaysay shares philosophy behind Carmen’s Best ice cream

Paco Magsaysay, founder of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, believes in keeping things simple.

Despite his love for sweets, he admits to not being a fan of complicated ice cream flavors.

He shared on Facebook that many ice cream companies can’t even get the basics right, which is why Carmen’s Best sticks to the basics.

Magsaysay also addressed the debate on whether cheese flavor is considered weird. He disagreed, arguing that cheese is a dairy product and many desserts incorporate it. He asked his followers for their thoughts on the matter.

Carmen’s Best is known for its classic flavors such as Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, and Chocolate.

Magsaysay’s philosophy of simplicity has clearly paid off, as Carmen’s Best has become a beloved brand in the Philippines and even internationally.

Milyonaryo | Latest News