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Joey Concepcion to government: End public heath emergency

GoNegosyo founder Joey Concepcion hopes that the state of public health emergency due to COVID-19 will be lifted soon.

Concepcion, president of RFM, believes there is no need for the country to remain under a public health emergency as global economies have already returned to normal.

“I recently traveled to Europe and then to other Asian countries, and people are back to normal like nothing happened.”

He also urged pharmaceutical companies to apply for a certificate of product registration (CPR) in order to sell vaccines.

“If the pharma companies don’t apply for the CPRs, the Philippines may not be able to bring these vaccines here,” he noted.

However, he still emphasized that government efforts remain vital in helping the vulnerable sector.

“The government should continue supporting the vulnerable, but it should also make the vaccines available to people who would like to take them on a voluntary basis,” he added.

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