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Joel Torre’s recipe for entrepreneurial growth: Start Small, Think Big

‘Start small, dream big.’

That’s the advice award-winning actor and businessman Joel Torre offers to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Torre, along with his wife Cristy, founded JT’s Manukan Grille in May 2003 after being offered a space along Granada Street in New Manila, one of the properties owned by the Vera Perezes.

“It was just a hole in the wall, with a counter and seven tables,” Torre recalled.

The couple had been experimenting with various marinades and recipes from their parents and aunts. When an opportunity presented itself, they seized it.

Their love and passion for food, coupled with the distinct flavor of chicken grilled the Ilonggo way, made the joint an instant hit, and word quickly spread.

“Perhaps one of the secrets is to start small. For example, if you have a small capital, think big. Envision that if your business takes off, you should be able to expand, broaden, and multiply it,” Torre shared at Go Negosyo’s Balikbayan 2023 event.

Now, JT’s Manukan has 36 branches, caters to events, and is open to franchising.

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