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Investor beware: SEC flags 6 unregistered entities for illegally soliciting investments

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned the public against various entities that are soliciting investments without necessary permits.

These entities are S&M Ventures, Gainz Philippines, Crypace Limited, DNKC Corporation, Harvestctmall, and Foto Trading International.

S&M Ventures asks potential investors to shell out between P20,000 and P300,000 for its projects such as the renovation and construction of additional units at Azure Urban Resort Residences and investment in the rental units at Azure Urban Resort Residences.

Gainz Philippines, on the other hand, is offering the Filipino investing public an opportunity to earn passive income allegedly through the expertise of its CEO in trading cryptocurrencies.

DNKC, for its part, entices people to invest anywhere from P50,000 to P2 million and in turn such investment will earn a guaranteed profit of at least 4.5 percent per month.

Crypace is likewise offering investments to the public for a minimal amount of P500 with a guaranteed return of 10 percent daily or 40 percent up to 50 percent after 15 days.

Meanwhile, Harvestctmall is engaged in a scheme known as “Tasking and Recharging” where the public is offered online jobs requiring the performance of certain tasks with a promise of receiving monetary rewards.

Foto Trading is likewise enticing the public to invest online through social media in its various programs and earn guaranteed profits ranging from 20 percent to 360 percent in just 9 to 35 days.

The SEC has advised the public not to invest or stop investing in any scheme being offered by the said entities.

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