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Investor alert: SEC flags The Tipsy Tavern’s unauthorized investment solicitation

The Securities and Exchange Commission is urging the public to exercise caution when dealing with The Tipsy Tavern due to its unauthorized solicitation of investments.

Actively promoting its alleged bar/events place business through the Facebook page of Wisteria Lane/Wisteria Lane Suites, The Tipsy Tavern is enticing the public to invest.

Partner-investors are promised a monthly passive income ranging from P25,000 to P50,000.00 for a minimum investment of P500,000. Additional perks include a 10% discount at The Tipsy Tavern bar, a 15% discount for renting the event’s place, and a 2.5% commission for successful referrals.

According to the SEC, the investment schemes of this entity bear resemblance to a pyramid/Ponzi scheme, where earnings are derived from recruitment fees rather than the sale of actual products or services.

The SEC, committed to eliminating illegal investment-taking activities, continues its efforts through financial literacy campaigns and public advisories.

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