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Investor alert: SEC flags Quick4speed and Moca Farm Dairy Inc. investment offerings

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned the public against investing in Quick4speed and Moca Farm Dairy Inc.

According to the SEC, Quick4speed claims expertise in providing high-quality parts for motorcycles and cars, as well as being a master trader in the forex market.

Quick4speed is inviting investors and offering various investment packages with promises of a monthly return of 10 percent on the invested amount or 120 percent capital gains within a year.

Meanwhile, Moca Farm specializes in producing dairy products and operates as a family-owned agricultural business. The company guarantees investors earnings of up to P51,600 after 120 days.

However, the SEC has clarified that both Quick4speed and Moca Farm are not registered corporations or partnerships, and they lack the authorization to solicit, accept, or take investments from the public.

The SEC has advised the public to refrain from investing or continuing to invest in any investment schemes offered by these entities.

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