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‘Iisa-isahin ko sila’: Pulp Live World COO Happee Sy warns against scalpers

Pulp Live World COO Happy Sy has warned against people who are hogging concert tickets and selling them for a much higher price online.

On her personal Twitter account, Sy assured legitimate fans and concert-goers that the company does not condone people who buy all the tickets to resell them to avid followers.

She wrote: “Yes po, iisa isahin ko po sila… Yung libo libong tao” I think by now those who know me knows how wild my mind can be”

Sy also reminded concert ticket buyers not to entertain and patronize scalpers.

“Do not engage with scalpers. You won’t be able to enter the venue. Each and everyone of you will be checked and tagged. You won’t be able to escape. Tell your friends and parents, they may not know.. together, we can make this work! YES to Real Fans!”

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