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Health and revenue goals align: Trade Secretary supports taxes on sugary drinks

Trade Secretary Fred Pascual has expressed his support for the proposed new taxes on sweetened beverages during a recent meeting with the Makati Business Club.

Responding to a query from a McDonald’s representative attending the meeting online, Pascual subtly conveyed his backing for the measure, underlining its aim to protect the health of Filipinos.

The proposed taxes on sweetened beverages and junk food have garnered advocacy from both the departments of finance and health, who view it as a proactive measure to discourage the consumption of such products and combat the rising rates of diabetes and obesity in the country.

The proposal outlines the implementation of a P10 tax for every 100 grams or per 100 milliliters on prepackaged foods lacking nutritional value.

According to the finance department’s projections, this move could lead to a significant 21 percent reduction in junk food consumption while generating an estimated additional revenue of P76 billion.

The government’s support for this initiative reflects its commitment to addressing public health concerns and exploring viable avenues for augmenting revenue in the Philippines. By endorsing higher taxes on sugar, the authorities aim to promote healthier food choices and curb the prevalence of diseases associated with excessive sugar intake.

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