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Harnessing AI for greener pastures: Pure Energy’s indoor farms take root

Pure Energy Holdings Corp (PEHC) is venturing into agriculture technology (AgTec) with plans to build climate-controlled indoor farms.

PEHC will leverage its existing solar, hydropower and wind power facilities to provide 24/7 clean energy for the indoor farms, ensuring a continuous supply to power equipment for cultivating designer fruits and vegetables.

Construction of a pilot indoor farm model is expected to commence in the third quarter of this year.

Indoor farming technology enables cultivation throughout the year, eliminating dependence on weather conditions and minimizing risks associated with pests and contamination. The controlled environment allows PEHC to produce high-quality “sweeter, healthier, greener and crispier” produce without the use of insecticides or pesticides.

“We believe this AgTech venture holds significant potential, considering the challenges faced by traditional agriculture due to climate change,” said Eric Y. Roxas, PEHC president.

PEHC currently operates conventional farms cultivating fruits like jackfruit, pandan coconuts, yuzu, amalfi lemons, and macadamia nuts under specific microclimate conditions.

“We will focus on producing specialty fruits and vegetables with niche market appeal and strong revenue potential, such as strawberries and dou miao,” said Roxas. “We won’t be targeting lower-margin vegetables already saturated in the market.”

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