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Gusto mo bang mag-migrate? Patricia Alejandro Paterno shares brother Robert’s attempt to leave PH for good

One of the Papemelroti siblings, Patricia Alejandro Paterno, shared how her brother, Robert, struggled to cope during his attempt to move to another country.

On Facebook, the Milyonaryo wrote: “In 2004, Robert went to Canada. He made a video of his stay there. It wasn’t easy for him, and my parents, Tina and I went to stay with him in his studio apartment for a little less than a month. When we left, he cried and cried, and he even filmed his crying! My mom sent him money to come home for Christmas. When he came home, he never returned to Canada.”


Robert’s story is one of the features of a documentary by Probe that followed the journeys of Pinoys who wanted to leave the country for good. It was back when he was an artist-reporter in Vancouver, Canada. His homemade video was part of The Probe Archive’s “Gusto mo ba mag-migrate?” screening during this year’s World Day for Audiovisual heritage last October 28.

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