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Growing strong: Mink PH’s 4th anniversary

Mink PH has officially turned 4.

In an Instagram post, Rizza Lana Sebastian, the founder and CEO of Mink, expressed her gratitude for the tremendous support her brand has received over the years.

Rizza also shared the motivation behind starting the company, saying, “Five years ago, I was in search of a local body care product that truly functioned as skincare — one that was tailored to the Filipino climate, skin type, and lifestyle. I longed for more representation of all body types, skin tones, and genders in advertisements, products, and the overall narrative. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create it myself.”

Rizza also dedicated the success of the brand to her team who has put their faith in her and her vision.

“I will never ever take sole credit for the success of Mink PH. This is my team, this is you, this is us. Thank you for allowing me to dream and thank you for making it happen. Happy 4th birthday my child, @mink.ph”

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