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Grab Ph urges lawmakers to legalize motorcycle taxis

By Eileen Mencias

Grab Philippines is asking lawmakers to legalize motorcycle taxis, saying opening the field to more players will make it more affordable and safe for commuters.

Grab Philippines bought Move It, one of three motorcycle taxis that are part of the pilot study which will serve as the basis for the law should Congress decide to legalize motorcycle taxis. The other two are Angkas and JoyRide.

Grab Philippines said its acquisition of Move It is above board and follows the rules set by the technical working group of the Department of Transportation.

“We appreciate that there are continuing discussions that would help our lawmakers craft the law toward the legalization and regulation of the industry. Putting in place a law is the win-win solution for all stakeholders, particularly our commuters who deserve an efficient and safe form of public transportation,” Grab said in a statement.

In a regulated environment, more industry players can come in, creating more jobs and more choices for commuters.

“Competition will make the motorcycle taxi business vibrant and its service better,” Grab said.

Ironically, Grab’s acquisition of Uber in 2019 killed the competition in the transport network vehicle system as the two were the only TNVS in the country. Without any competition, fares increased significantly, prompting the Philippine Competition Commission to penalize Grab.

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