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Golf junkie! GP Reyes hurts arm for playing too much golf

Milyonaryo GP Reyes updated his followers on Instagram on the lengths he will go to play some golf.

He shared: “Day 954. November 3, 2022. Headed out of the city to play at Thana Country Club.

Got paired with this great group of gents from the area and had a blast. A little disappointed in my score considering I was doing mid 80s before I got my elbow injury.

Still glad to be out here though even if the rental clubs were 10 years old and my arm was killing me. Still the course and the company was magnificent.”

Despite his condition, the businessman felt grateful of the time he spent with fellow golf lovers.

GP continued: “The problem is I think my arm is now in worse shape. Yep I played all 18 holes in a helluva lot of pain. Powered through it and it might not have been the smartest thing to do but hey I’m happy. In a lot of pain, But happy!! I may need to go see a doctor when I get home though. Sakit pota. 😬”

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