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Fueling small business growth: Joey Concepcion’s mission for MSMEs

Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion has emphasized the significance of three elements essential for the success of small businesses: mentoring, access to markets, and access to funding.

The micro-, small-, and medium-enterprise (MSME) sector plays a crucial role in the country’s business landscape, and empowering these enterprises is seen as key to bolstering the Philippine economy.

In his statements, Concepcion underscored the need to nurture the sustainability and growth of MSMEs, stressing that economic advancement should not be limited to larger corporations alone

. To address this, Go Negosyo hosts complimentary seminars, inviting accomplished business owners to share their experiences and provide mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. Presently, many MSMEs face significant challenges to survive and expand, often existing on limited resources.

Concepcion highlighted the importance of effective mentorship, saying that it equips these businesses with the knowledge and skills required to thrive. For instance, small sari-sari store owners and carinderias can leverage mentorship to transform their operations and evolve into grocery stores, expanding their reach and potential.

Furthermore, Concepcion emphasized that access to credit is paramount for MSMEs demonstrating promising growth prospects. Such access enables these enterprises to scale their businesses and explore new avenues for expansion.

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