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From self-sufficiency to imports: Tony Cancio’s take on the Philippine rice dilemma

Tony Cancio, the founder and chief of Kanin Club, has offered his insights into the current rice crisis in the Philippines.

Taking to Facebook, Tony presented a detailed account of the facts and a timeline tracing the nation’s shift from near-complete self-sufficiency in rice production in 2013 to the current state of the agricultural sector.

He emphasized, “In 2013-2014, it’s a fact that the Philippines didn’t import any rice. We were entirely self-sufficient in rice production.”

However, the situation has drastically changed. As of the marketing year 2022-2023, a recent report from the United States Department of Agriculture has identified the Philippines as the world’s leading rice importer.

This transformation underscores the stark evolution of the Philippines’ rice production and importation landscape in recent years.

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