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From risk to reward: CDO Foodsphere’s advertising success story

In the past, advertising was a costly endeavor reserved mainly for companies with large budgets and mass-market products.

Traditional mass media channels like newspapers, radio, and television were the primary means of dissemination before the advent of social media.

During the early 1990s, amid the Philippines’ power crisis and economic recovery from military coups, CDO Foodsphere Inc. made a daring move. They expanded their product line to include sweet preserved items like nata de coco and kaong. This decision came at a crucial financial juncture when the company needed to increase revenue to sustain its workforce.

The new additions were well-timed and received positively by customers, coinciding with Jerome Ong, the current president and CEO, joining his parents, Corazon Dayro-Ong and Jose ‘Pepe’ Ong, in the business.

In 1995, CDO Foodsphere took a significant leap by launching its first television commercial, considering it a bold and groundbreaking investment. The risk paid off handsomely.

“This venture into mass media exposure yielded remarkable results, propelling the brand into millions of Filipino homes and solidifying the company’s brand as a household name,” said DDO Foodsphere.

For the company, navigating through various challenges not only strengthened its resilience but also enhanced its position through innovative ventures undertaken during difficult times.

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