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From fries to wraps: Jorge Noel Wieneke rides Burrito craze with Pinoy ulam

by Eileen Mencias

Jorge Noel Wieneke, founder of Tokyo Tempura, has launched his latest venture, Burrito MNL, in Arcovia City, Pasig.

The restaurant’s doors officially opened just last week.

“After four months of hard work, conceptualization, taste tests, logo design, experiments, and feedback from friends, we are ready to see if our efforts will pay off,” Wieneke said. “Now comes the true acid test: market acceptance.”

Wieneke, who co-founded Potato Corner, is no stranger to the food industry.

Burrito MNL offers a Pinoy twist on the classic Mexican burrito. While the menu includes traditional options like the Chili con Carne Burrito, it also features popular Filipino dishes wrapped in a burrito, such as Kare-Kare and Sisig.

“Despite having been through this cycle many times, I still feel anxious, hoping for the best for our new concept,” Wieneke said.

The Chili con Carne Burrito and the Pulled Pork Burrito are priced at P99 per serving, while the Kare-Kare Burrito and the Sisig Burrito are P110 each. Another popular item, Liempo Tim, costs P99.

Though Burrito MNL just launched this year, it is already open for franchising. Wieneke is offering a P50,000 discount for the first 10 franchise contracts signed by July this year.

The franchise packages are priced at P499,999 and P399,999. Both include the use of the name and marks, as well as an initial stock worth P20,000. Wieneke’s strategy is to enter the market with competitive pricing.


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