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From food cart to franchise: Ate Rica’s Bacsilog journey

How can you go wrong with crispy bacon?

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog began as a mobile food cart in 2006 near De La Salle University, known by some as DLSU’s ‘hepa lane.’

Rica Penalosa, affectionately known as Ate Rica among students, personally operated the cart every day, offering affordable and satisfying food that quickly became a favorite among students. When permanent stalls opened along Agno Street behind DLSU, Ate Rica found its home and continued serving its signature silog, featuring rice, cheese, liquid seasoning, and bacon as the pièce de résistance.

In April 2015, a second branch was opened across from UST Hospital. More than 15 years since its inception, Ate Rica incorporated the business with some partners to begin offering franchise opportunities.

While the pandemic forced the closure of 40 of its branches, Ate Rica has made a strong comeback.

It’s now more than just Ate Rica’s Bacsilog for Baconnoisseur Corporation. The company has since launched four other food businesses: Chica’s Bagnet Express, Avo Bravo, Boktea, Tikka Tikka, and Umani Bistro.”

Milyonaryo | Latest News