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From fashion shows to house errands: Heart Evangelista’s busy Paris Fashion Week

It seems that there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Heart Evangelista.

The fashion icon, celebrity, socialite has been busy hopping from one fashion week to another, and recently, she made a splash during Paris Fashion Week when she was photographed carrying a huge plant in the streets.

It’s no secret that Heart has a deep love for Paris. In fact, rumors have been swirling that she recently purchased a property in the City of Light. And what better time to move in than during Paris Fashion Week?

However, as any homeowner knows, moving in can be quite the ordeal. And even though Heart was busy attending fashion shows and hobnobbing with the elite of the fashion world, she made sure to carve out some time for her house errands.

One of those errands involved carrying a massive plant through the streets of Paris. The plant was potted, but it had long, thick stems that Heart used to grip onto as she made her way through the busy streets. If it weren’t for the pot, it would have looked as though she were carrying a small tree!

But Heart didn’t seem to mind the attention she was getting. In fact, she looked effortlessly chic as she walked through the city streets with her green companion.

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