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Francisco Motors lands $30 million order for 1,300 electric jeepneys

By Eileen Mencias

Francisco Motors, the renowned jeepney manufacturer based in Las Piñas, has secured orders for 1,300 units of electric jeepneys valued at $30 million or P1.68 billion.

VivoPower, which owns Tembo E-LV BV, has partnered with Francisco Motors for the electrification kits of its new generation of electric jeepneys.

“We are excited to have procured 1,300 order commitments worth an estimated $30 million from leading jeepney cooperatives that have paid or committed to paying non-refundable deposits to secure their slots for the assembly of e-jeepneys that we are building with the support of our partners, Tembo,” Francisco said.

Francisco Motors offered the first 1,000 units for only P985,000, significantly less than units first offered to drivers and operators that cost P2.5-P3 million. With buyers required to pay a nonrefundable reservation fee of P50,000, Francisco Motors should have raised P65 million from the reservation fee of the 1,300 units alone.

VivoPower is a global, sustainable energy solutions company focusing on customized applications, batteries, microgrids, and solar and critical power technology and services.

Among the jeepney cooperatives that have placed their orders are Laguna, First Isabela, Progressive, and Cazanova.

The government’s public utility vehicle modernization program, started in the Duterte administration, will result in the phase-out of some 200,000 traditional jeepneys.

Some jeepney operators and drivers have opposed the program because of the high cost of the replacement units that will require them to take out loans. In addition, operators and drivers are uneasy over the requirement for them to consolidate and join a cooperative or set up their own corporations to maintain their franchise.

In addition to offering more budget-friendly units than Chinese imports, Francisco Motors is diversifying its role to encompass a transportation service enterprise. This expanded purpose aims to empower jeepney drivers and operators, ensuring the continuity of their franchises beyond the government-mandated deadline.

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