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Franchising with Jollibee: A recipe for prosperity and success

Jollibee Food Corp., the top player in the Philippines’ fast-food industry, has a winning recipe for growth and prosperity: franchising.

This business model has been instrumental in Jollibee’s remarkable success story, particularly in driving the company’s net income up by an impressive 33 percent from P5.5 billion in 2021 to P7.3 billion in 2022.

A whopping 768 out of 1,204 Jollibee branches in the country are franchises, while overseas, 276 of the 378 branches are company-owned, and only 111 are franchises.

Interested in tapping into this lucrative market? Be prepared to invest between P35 million to P55 million, covering construction, kitchen equipment, furniture and fixtures, air conditioning, and other pre-operating expenses.

However, the screening process is stringent, and candidates must demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the ability to motivate people and oversee day-to-day operations effectively.

Regular audits and checks ensure that franchisees comply with Jollibee’s regulations and maintain high-quality products and services, with the store location being another critical factor.

In 2022, JFC generated P197.4 billion from food service and P14.2 billion from franchising, including franchising royalty fees.

The company recognizes the critical role played by its independent franchisees and places a premium on their willingness and ability to execute its major initiatives.

Jollibee’s recipe for success: strategic franchising, quality control, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

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