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Filipino kindness wins: Businesses unite to help April Fools’ Day victim

Filipino businesses proved there’s heart in the Philippines after an April Fools’ Day prank went too far.

A resident who participated in a local takoyaki shop’s contest, daring participants to get their logo tattooed on their forehead for P100,000, became the center of online concern.

The viral post sparked outrage, with netizens urging Taragis Takoyaki to fulfill their “promise” despite it being a prank. When the shop remained silent, other businesses stepped up to the plate. Coffee shops, skin clinics, and other good Samaritans offered to contribute the P100,000 prize money themselves.

This heartwarming act of solidarity shows the kindness and sense of community Filipinos are known for. It also serves as a reminder to businesses to be responsible with their online promotions, even if intended as a joke.

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