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Faith and perseverance: The resurgence of Macaraig Group of Companies

By Eileen Mencias

In 2019, Allen Macaraig was down on his luck. He had to close his construction firm, food venture, and two other businesses, leaving only one: Pyrotech Solution & Integrated Services Corp., which focuses on hazardous waste management.

At his lowest point, Macaraig turned to God. Cliché as it may sound, he believes it was his faith that saved him, helped him recover, and now he is pursuing several other businesses again.

“He returned everything. I was living a simple life and then, little by little, the Lord God returned my savings,” Macaraig said.

The hazardous waste management business was one of the very few businesses that thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the risk was extremely high. He prayed a lot more, and harder, when the pandemic happened: that none in his family would get sick, that none of his people would die, and that he would have employees for the work.

The Macaraig Group of Companies (MCG) now has six subsidiaries. Aside from Pyrotech, there’s Wastecon Inc., which manages a landfill in Batangas City; BlueEnviron Material Recovery Inc., which runs a waste-sorting and recycling facility; Scrap Papa, which runs a recycling facility; Gomi Philippines Inc., which offers garbage transport and hauling services; and Top Gear Trading and Services Inc.

MCG invested P200 million in BlueEnviron Material Recovery, which opened recently, and is planning to invest a total of P13.2 billion in the next five years in waste management, which Macaraig admits is not an easy business.

“You need to persevere in waste management… because the investment is big,” Macaraig said.

While many players are entering the market, Macaraig is confident that his experience gives him the edge.

“What they lack is knowledge. Since 1999, we have already here in the industry. I have studied all of this, and we have been able to give guidelines on the national level that they are now adopting. It’s a very difficult business to start,” Macaraig said.

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