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Exploring the purpose of sales ladies: Nina Ellaine Cabrera offers Insights

For many shoppers, encountering overly enthusiastic salesladies while browsing through department stores can be an uncomfortable experience.

A recent tweet criticizing the sales tactics of Watsons drew attention to this common sentiment among shoppers. However, Nina Ellaine Cabrera, the CEO and founder of Colourette Cosmetics, provided a valuable perspective on why salespersons remain a crucial part of traditional shopping.

Cabrera acknowledged that sales targets are an integral part of the salesperson’s job, and exceeding these targets often leads to commissions.

However, she emphasized the need for businesses to strike a balance between upselling through their ambassadors while avoiding being intrusive to their customers. This challenge requires brands to create a shopping experience that is both engaging and enjoyable for their customers.

Cabrera also reminded shoppers that sales ladies are just doing their jobs and that customers are free to express their preference to shop alone if they desire to do so.

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