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Essentials stay stable until July: Price freeze extended on select goods in Philippines

by Eileen Mencias

Manufacturers of essential commodities in the Philippines, including Monde Nissin and Nestle, have agreed to a temporary delay in price increases, according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

The move, described by the DTI as a “voluntary price freeze,” comes as the government seeks to temper rising inflation and ease pressure on household budgets.

Several major companies, including San Miguel Foods and Century Pacific Food, have pledged to hold prices steady on goods like instant noodles, bottled water, and processed meats until July 10.

However, the reprieve is not uniform. NutriAsia’s commitment to maintain prices on soy sauce and vinegar extends only until June 19, while Nestle’s price freeze on powdered milk and condensed milk ends on June 30. Alaska Milk’s sweetened condensed milk will see no price hike until July 31.

This follows a series of price adjustments approved by the DTI in January.

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