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Empowering growth: Steve Sy’s tribute to Great Deals team

Steve Sy, the founder and CEO of Great Deals, personally extended his gratitude to every member of his team during the company’s 2nd Great Recognition Awards.

He commended their hard work with a well-deserved pat on the back and a nod of acknowledgment.

“Congratulations to the awardees at the 2nd Great Recognition Awards for embodying Great Deals Ecommerce Corp’s core values of Integrity, Empathy, and Action! Let’s celebrate and honor their dedication and passion that make our company shine bright,” Steve said on his Facebook account.

In a gesture of appreciation and tribute, Steve also announced that deserving awardees were granted stock options.

“We also extend a special shoutout to our new recipients of employee stock options – here’s to a future filled with success and prosperity!”

Milyonaryo | Latest News