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Empowering connections: Colourette Cosmetics CEO engages with Jakarta entrepreneurs

Colourette Cosmetics founder and CEO Nina Ellaine Cabrera shared her excitement for bigger and better things ahead as she met power entrepreneurs in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nina wrote: “Super productive and insightful day here in Jakarta as I met two amazing founders of very popular cosmetic brands here in Indonesia!
Her encounter with trailblazing makeup innovators across Southeast Asia prompted her to share valuable insights she garnered from their business discussions.

“It’s incredible how consumer preference in Indonesia and the Philippines are very much alike in terms of the need for localization, clamor for diversity, and price-sensitivity. Indo’s industry however is far more advance than the Ph in terms of saturation, manufacturing, and market opportunity. I only wish for ours to further progress in the years to come as we draw motivation from neighboring countries such as this.

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