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Elmer Francisco’s Jeepney.io hits 5 million users in three weeks

Elmer Francisco, scion of the renowned jeepney manufacturers in Las Pinas, has introduced a novel social media platform aimed at fostering stronger connections among transport operators, drivers, commuters, and the general public.

In October 2023, Francisco unveiled jeepney.io, and within just three weeks, the platform garnered 5 million users, leading to a system crash due to capacity issues.

Inspired by the concept of blitzscaling, coined by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, Francisco swiftly propelled this new JEEPNEY social media platform into action.

Following the crash, the technical team worked tirelessly to enhance the platform’s systems. Francisco expressed confidence in its improved speed and resilience, asserting its readiness to accommodate 10 million users by the end of November.

“The Philippines truly stands as the social media capital of Southeast Asia, if not the world, and we anticipate surpassing 80 million users by the year’s end,” said Francisco.

To incentivize existing users, they are encouraged to bring friends and contacts onto the platform, sharing a unique affiliate link for sign-ups. As a reward, JEEPNEY users accrue points convertible into eFMC tokens, akin to those earned in arcades like Tom’s World but in digital form.

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