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Digital Pinoys urge DoT to defer partnership with Grab

A coalition of digital advocates has appealed to the Department of Tourism (DOT) to defer its plan to collaborate with ride-hailing giant Grab, citing concerns about the potential monopolization of the transportation network vehicle services (TNVS) market.

Ronald Gustilo, a campaigner for Digital Pinoys, emphasized the need for DOT to secure the support of key tourism stakeholders before proceeding with the partnership.

Gustilo stressed the vital role played by tour agencies and guides in promoting Philippine tourism and urged DOT to prioritize their interests.

He argued that engaging with Grab should be contingent upon addressing the concerns and requirements of existing tourist transport services and providers.

The recent announcement of DOT’s partnership with Grab to employ its drivers as tour guides triggered a backlash among tourism stakeholders.

Gustilo further asserted that the collaboration should not move forward unless DOT mandates Grab drivers to undergo the certification process for tourism transport services. This step would ensure that drivers possess the necessary skills and qualifications to cater to tourists effectively.

DOT’s existing procedure necessitates training for drivers seeking certification as tourist transport service providers, and Gustilo insisted that Grab should not be exempted from this requirement.

Citing Grab’s track record of overcharging passengers in their GrabCar service, Gustilo emphasized the need for DOT to prevent fare overpricing and ensure transparency in tourist tour rates.

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