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#deleteAngkas: Netizens rally to boycott ride-hailing service amid social media ad controversy

In the wake of a highly criticized social media ad, the hashtag #deleteAngkas has taken Twitter by storm, with netizens expressing their dissatisfaction and calling for a boycott of the popular ride-hailing service.

The ad in question has faced intense backlash for its perceived insensitivity, prompting users to share their own negative experiences with Angkas and urging others to delete the app and refrain from using their services altogether.

While the hashtag has gained significant traction, not everyone is in agreement. Some users have voiced concern for the welfare of the company’s partner riders, arguing that their livelihoods may be adversely affected by the online campaign.

Angkas, led by businessman George Royeca, has already issued a public apology and took down the controversial ad.

As the online discourse unfolds, Angkas finds itself at the center of a social media storm, navigating the complexities of public opinion and the potential consequences it may have on their brand and customer base.

Milyonaryo | Latest News