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Customs enhances container tracking with E-TRACC system

The Bureau of Customs is tightening up on the implementation of the Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo (E-TRACC) System to better monitor the movement and location of all containers and get real time alarms on its dashboard and e-mail.

Customs Commissioner Bienvenido Rubio signed Customs Memorandum Order No. 15, which limits the access to the E-TRACC system dashboard to the commissioner, deputy commissioner for assessment and operations coordinating group, the director for enforcement and security service, district collectors, and deputy collector for operations.

The E-TRACC service provider will now be required to submit a weekly report through email to the deputy collector for operations, and the chief of piers and inspection division, or the equivalent office of both, on the port of discharge and port of destination of all bookings for E-Track.

The report must identify the importer/export, the entry number, container number, the port of discharge and destination, as well as the date of booking and exit, and the date it was received at the destination.

The amendment also limits the task of monitoring, sealing and unsealing operations to the chief of the piers and inspection division or his or her duly authorized representative at each port of entry and destination. Previously, the task was assigned to the division and not a particular person or persons.

At the sign of any discrepancy or tampering, the seal will not be removed or disarmed and the director will then immediately be notified to investigate and submit the findings to the Commissioner and district collector of the port of discharged.

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