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Cigarettes, alcohol, hygiene products, soft drinks, powdered drinks top Pinoys’ sari-sari store purchases

Pinoys spend an average of P800 a month in sari-sari stores to buy beverages and hygiene products.

According to Packworks, a startup that developed the Sari IQ ap for sari-sari stores, cigarettes, alcohol, hygiene products, soft drinks, and powdered drinks were the top five items bought by Pinoys in sari-sari stores.

In National Capital Region, Pinoys spend an average of P452.32 weekly in sari-sari stores or P1,809.28 a month. Consumers in the NCR prefer Marlboro and Fortune for cigarettes, Cream Silk for hair conditioners, Emperador Light for alcoholic beverages, and Surf for fabric conditioners.

In SOCCSKSARGEN, the weekly spend in sari sari stores is at P107.20 or P428 a month. Tanduay is the preferred alcoholic beverage and Bear Brand and Nescafe 3-in-1 are the popular powdered drinks.

The data covered the sales of 200,000 sari-sari stores in 2022 nationwide.

“It’s a war amongst cigarettes and liquor, beverages, and hygiene products. While Filipino households continue to prioritize essential goods, it’s apparent that many consumers have formed habits of indulgences that significantly influence their spending decisions,” Packworks Data Product Manager Samantha de Guzman said.

“At the core, Filipino households across the country have the same basic needs. But when you zoom in, you notice the diversity in local tastes, the loyalty they hold for certain brands, and how regional marketing campaigns even play a major role in determining which specific products make it into their shopping basket,” she added.

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