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Chris Po has big plans for Potato Corner

Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures’ chairman Chris Po is bent on scaling up the presence of Potato Corner, the popular flavored fries food kiosk chain which they acquired this year.

In a stock exchange filing, Shakey’s Pizza said Potato Corner is shaping up to be a strong growth pillar for the company, with plans to further accelerate its expansion program both domestically and internationally.

“I, personally, am very excited with our plan to aggressively grow the Potato Corner brand and to see your business expand alongside ours,” Po said during the 2022 Franchise Convention in celebration of Potato Corner’s 30th anniversary.

Founded as a small food cart in October 1992, Potato Corner has grown to over 1,100 stores in the country and more than 200 international outlets in 13 territories.

During the third quarter alone, Potato Corner opened 71 new outlets, including the first multi-branded drive-thru snack stop with R&B, as well as its first independent drive-thru store along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City.

On the international front, Potato Corner opened 35 new stores in Thailand, Singapore, China, and Canada during the first nine months of the year.

Shakey’s said more stores are set to open this quarter.

“Potato Corner has come a long way. Much respect is due to its founders, especially Mr. Jose Magsaysay, who built this company from the ground up and took it to such great heights,” Shakey’s president and CEO Vicente Gregorio said.

“I am deeply grateful and humbled for the Shakey’s Group to be its new custodian, and I look forward to more growth and prosperity for the brand and for our franchisees,” he added.

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