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Chef Tatung’s Lore unleashes degustation feast as opening salvo

Lore, Chef Tatung Sarthou’s latest venture, recently held a degustation feast prior to its formal opening which was attended by food enthusiasts and invited guests.

The admins of popular foodie site Let’s Eat Pare were among those who experienced the meal, and they raved over the Viking-like vibe of the menu compared to a regular tasting menu.

According to LEP, Chef Tatung himself said the

the intention was to deliver a feast to the senses in a creative way that describes his career.

“Each dish is a nucleus of flavors that coats your palette with drops of genius and platitudes of nostalgia. The moonshot? Bringhe with Foie Gras, Mango Jubilee coated with a Flambé medley, and Haw Flakes packed into a prawn party,” the admin said, recommending a Lore visit as a perfect way to jumpstart the Christmas season.

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