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Cat Ilacad’s emotional journey to launch a sun protection cream

Cat Ilacad, the founder and dynamic leader behind Posh Nails, expressed her enthusiasm about the introduction of their latest product, a sun protection cream.

Taking to Instagram, Cat candidly shared that the journey of developing this product has been an emotional roller coaster for her, admitting that it even brought her to tears for the first time.

She wrote: “I can’t believe that we are finally launching today. It has been 18 months or more formulating, conceptualizing and bringing this idea to life. I’ve never experienced shedding tears over a product – tears of joy, but with this one I did. When I visited the plant and saw the first tube filled, packed and sealed, I was truly overjoyed. Promise, not OA.

just really super happy and excited that finally it’s here, I get to share it with our community. This is something that every person should have in their bags. Meet us online at 12 noon for our launch. Can’t wait for you to love our Hands On Sun Cream!

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