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Cat Ilacad shares insights on team building in business

Posh Nails founder and CEO Cat Ilacad emphasizes the value of teamwork.

Taking to her Instagram account, Cat shared one of the core values she holds dear, which she believes contributes significantly to her brand’s success.

She provided insights on how business owners can foster stronger connections with their employees.

“There’s immense joy in achieving goals together as a team. We can’t accomplish everything alone or all at once. Here are some ways we can strengthen our bonds and solidify our team,” she wrote.

Cat highlighted that milestones, outings, and celebrations hold deeper significance for companies when shared with the individuals who contribute to their achievements.

“Celebrate milestones, accomplishments, and successes as a team. Whether it’s completing a project, hitting targets, or reaching goals, take the time to recognize and celebrate these achievements together.”

She added that showing appreciation through meal treats and a simple thank you note can make a big difference.

“Share industry achievements, customer testimonials, or heartwarming stories,to nurture a sense of pride and joy among team members.”

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