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Cafe Breton founder raises concerns over BBM’s diplomatic travels

Tony Cancio, the founder of Cafe Breton, recently took to his personal Facebook account to express his concerns about the logistical impacts of President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.’s recent diplomatic travels.

Following Marcos’ return from the US and the UK, Cancio couldn’t help but wonder about the potential disruptions caused to Philippine Airlines (PAL) flights.

Cancio shared personal accounts from friends who had been affected by the President’s frequent travels abroad.

According to Cancio, some of his friends had to seek alternative flights after their confirmed PAL flights were rescheduled to a later date, without any disclosed reasons. This situation resulted in wasted advanced bookings at their intended destinations, had they not been able to find alternative flights.

In his Facebook post, Cancio emphasized the need for proper planning by the government to avoid inconveniencing other individuals and disrupting their schedules.

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