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Businessman’s honest feedback: Philippine Airlines in need of overhaul but earns praise for Carmen’s Best ice cream

A businessman took to social media to share his candid thoughts about his recent flight with Philippine Airlines.

While offering constructive criticism, he also made sure to highlight the one positive aspect of his experience: Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, created by Paco Magsaysay.

In a Facebook post, Buster Allertsen expressed his opinions about PAL’s service. “If Philippine Airlines wants to be the flagship of the Philippines, a major overhaul will be necessary. This is crucial for our country and the tourism sector.”

Despite his critical remarks, Allertsen couldn’t help but praise the ice cream served on the flight.

“One thing they got right is the ice cream,” and tagging Paco Magsaysay, the founder of Carmen’s Best.

Paco graciously responded to the unsolicited review, expressing his gratitude and thanking Allertsen in the comments section.

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