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BIR streamlines receipt-issuing systems: Extended validity and compliance focus

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has issued a reminder to businesses regarding the continued validity of cash register machines, point of sale machines, and other authorized sales machines and software for issuing receipts.

Last year, the BIR made a significant change by eliminating the five-year validity period on permits to use (PTUs) and certificates of accreditation for developers, dealers, and suppliers of CRMs and POS machines.

The objective behind this move, as stated in Revenue Regulation No. 6-2022, was to streamline processes and alleviate administrative burdens on businesses.

The BIR declared that the issued PTUs will remain valid unless there are specific grounds for their revocation, as stipulated in the aforementioned regulation.

Among these grounds are tampering with sales data, altering software to avoid recording sale transactions, and conducting major repairs, upgrades, or modifications without prior notification and approval from the BIR.

BIR Commissioner Romeo Lumagui Jr. expressed optimism that these changes, including the removal of the 5-year validity period of PTUs and system-generated receipts/invoices, along with the extension of the validity period for certificates of accreditation issued for sales machines/software, will result in a significant improvement in tax compliance among businesses.

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