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BIR issues ultimatum: Register your vape business or face legal consequences

Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui Jr. has issued a directive to all BIR officials, emphasizing the need to intensify efforts in combating the illegal trade of vape and cigarettes, whether conducted online or through traditional retail outlets.

“Illicit vape and cigarette, whether sold online or through ordinary stores, is tax evasion. It is criminal in nature. The nationwide forces of the BIR have their orders to continue raiding and filing criminal cases against any individual or business that is involved in the illicit vape and cigarette trade,” Lumagui said.

“We have warned you as early as 2022. We have raided and filed criminal cases as early as 2022. Register your business and pay your taxes. You are destroying an industry that provides millions of jobs to Filipinos,” he added.

Internal revenue stamps on vape products will also be mandatory by June 1 of this year, which will complement the tax agency’s enforcement activities.

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