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Beyond business: Vanessa Ledesma’s first panel moderator experience

Vanessa Ledesma, entrepreneur and Honorary Consul of Montenegro to the Philippines, exuberantly shared her post-panel experience, unable to contain her excitement after moderating for the first time.

Taking to Facebook, Vanessa exclaimed, “Whoa! I can’t believe this just happened!! I moderated a panel discussion on stage for the very first time!” She generously offered a glimpse into the event, which centered around digitalization across diverse global regions, including Oceania, ASEAN, Eastern Europe, and East Asia.

Vanessa extended a special shout-out to her unwavering support system—her husband, fellow entrepreneur, and seasoned host, RJ Ledesma. “I want to thank my dear RJ Ledesma for coaching me and teaching me how to lead a panel discussion (you truly are the best).”

In a playful nod to the future, Vanessa hinted at the possibility of venturing into a new career path: “So this might actually be the start of an additional career. For future bookings, please contact my agent, RJ Ledesma.”

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