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Behind the scenes: Jonah Sison-Ramos on entrepreneurial challenges

Jonah Sison-Ramos, the founding president of Dear Face, opened up about the hidden challenges of venturing into business.

On her Instagram account, Jonah shared her motivations as an entrepreneur and expressed gratitude to the people who have supported her in achieving her dreams and goals.”

She wrote: “Being a business owner, or attempting to open a business, or leading people into business is the scariest thing imaginable. And people in the outside world think this is the most glamorous job in the world where it’s really easy, but it’s not.”

Jonah also talked about the realities of owning a business: “Because you’re the last person to get paid. You’re the first person to show up in the morning. You’re the last person to go to bed. And when nothing goes right, you never get the credit but the blame. It’s very very hard.”

She emphasized the importance of having a driving force in being an entrepreneur. “But you got into business for a purpose. You got into this business for a greater mission. You got into this business because God put you in this place. And nothing and no one can stop this mission but you. So continue to pursue. Continue to inspire. Continue to help. Because one day, it will all make sense.”

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