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Beauty MNL takes action: Merchants begin receiving payments

Beauty MNL, an e-commerce site that specializes in beauty and health products and is partially owned by the Gokongweis, is finally compensating some of its merchants.

Beauty MNL gained notoriety among merchants because it hadn’t been paying them for the stocks bought from the site. This issue led to the creation of a Facebook community that serves as a support group for its sellers called ‘Beauty MNL Unpaid Merchants.

On August 10, the group’s admin announced that some merchants had finally received payment, while others have been awaiting payment since 2021. Another merchant in the group simply expressed, ‘Sana all,’ in relation to the payment.

Others also received messages from Beauty MNL to withdraw their stocks. A merchant who visited the warehouse posted pictures in the group, showing many empty shelves and just one attendant.

“It used to be so packed and busy. There were lots of staff. It provided good passive income and business for merchants back in 2019-2020. Sayang. Sana mabayaran na din kami,” another seller commented.

As of June 30, 2023, the Gokongwei family’s Robinsons Retail Holdings still had P235.4 million invested in TCCI, the operator of Beauty MNL. Robinsons Retail initially invested P125 million in TCCI in December 2017 and added another P280 million in March 2019.”

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