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Bea Soriano Dee embraces serenity on Naoshima Island

A sanctuary of tranquility.

Bea Soriano Dee recently sought solace from her hectic routine as she embarked on a journey to the enchanting Naoshima Island alongside her husband, Eric.

Eager to share their experience, Bea took to Instagram, capturing the essence of their trip with breathtaking photos and the heartfelt caption, “the island that beckons one to embrace a more unhurried existence.”

In the photos, the couple can be seen strolling around the island, admiring the beautiful scenery and art installations.

Bea and Eric looked stylish and comfortable in their long-sleeved shirts, perfect for the chilly yet sunny weather on the island.

Naoshima Island is known for its contemporary art installations and museums, making it a popular destination for art enthusiasts and tourists alike.

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