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Antonio Tiu’s Greenenergy accelerates green initiatives with WGVI capital hike

Greenergy Holdings Inc., partly owned by businessman Antonio Tiu, announced a significant boost for its renewable energy arm, Winsun Green Ventures, Inc. (WGVI).

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a capital stock increase for WGVI, jumping from P20 million to P500 million.

This translates to an increase from 20 million shares to 500 million shares, all priced at P1 each.

The move allows for the issuance of 480 million previously subscribed shares to Greenergy.

Previously, the Greenergy board had approved this subscription along with an initial payment of P185 million. The remaining P295 million is due within 60 days of the subscription date.

WGVI’s focus lies in developing and investing in energy projects, particularly those involving renewable resources. This includes exploration, development, and utilization of renewable energy sources, alongside the import, export, and operation of related systems.

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