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Angkas’ George Royeca wins Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Angkas Co-founder and CEO George Royeca was the big winner and this year’s Emerging Entrepreneur award.

On his personal Facebook profile, the Milyonaryo dedicated his win to his rider partners and gave a special shout out to his ‘boss’, ‘partner’, and ‘best friend’.

“Thank you to EOYP for recognizing thousands of hardworking motorcycle riders and their daily struggles in the pursuit of a better life. To my partner, my boss, my confidant and best friend. This is our tireless work coming into fruition. You are a true advocate and an amazing entrepreneur Angeline Tham.”

He promised that Angkas will continue to improve to lift the transportation status in the country.

“This is just the beginning as we spread the gospel of Angkas to the rest of the county. Thank you to all that has supported and continues to support our cause. Together, we will end poverty in the Philippines in our lifetime.”

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